Maximize Business Marketing with SEO and Social Media strategy 2017

Empower SEO and Social Media Together to Maximize Marketing

The latest marketing trends, like SEO and Social Media, make confused to non-specialists. But, we are here to help you try to make sense of it all, and show they are different, and how they play very similar roles achieving one common goal… of greater organic reach and engagement.

Let’s take a look on overview that helps put it all into perspective…

Start with a couple definitions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is all about optimizing your website for search engine and getting a good position in the organic search results when people search for specific words that related to your website.

The goal of SEO is to acquire more high-quality links.

Social Media:

It relates to the platforms that enable users to interact with and share information. With it, you can enhance brand awareness, generate more leads, drive sales and many more.

Its main goal is to engage the community and attract new audiences.

The fact is that; when it comes to the expansion of organic online marketing world, SEO and social media fall under the same umbrella. As they work in sync, the process can be quite easy to drive more customers and increase website traffic using valuable content. To build an effective organic marketing strategy that works towards your business goals, it’s important to know how social and search all fit into the same strategy.

Here are 5 ways to get benefit from a powerful collaboration of SEO and social media:

Need Right Balance between SEO and Social Media:

Like birds and flying, skin and bone, SEO and social media are made for each other. Both doesn’t have the same effect, but it should! To get better SEO results, social media activity is very important and vice versa. Their partnership can reap the rewards!

Your website is the place where your business live online, a home of information of your business products and services. Just as you need an experienced architect to design your home structure, your website need SEO. And, when your home structure is ready, you hire construction crew to work on it. Likewise, you need to use social medium to reach specific segments of the market place. You know that one without other make your home look poor.

Whether you desire to build great brand online, deliver awesome user experience, it’s important to incorporate both into your marketing mix.

SEO make your business Ubiquitous

It’s strength of SEO. We know that #1 rank specifies top class. When an runner wins the gold medal, he/she become champion, silver and bronze medal winner become runners-up. And the rest are also runs, but nobody think about them. SEO works to bring your brand at the top of the heap, accelerate your campaign and make you memorable in this tough market. One thing to keep in mind, healthy SEO costs more but has a long term impact.

Social is Matters for Your Business:

Search and Social are two sides of a coin. So as a brand, you can help people in knowing who you are and what you are offering with paid advertising or organic content. You might get much better customer via organic content that stick over the long term. But, your combined lift will be worthwhile than relying on a single stream of paid channels.

Hence, social network can be your fine-tuned engine for sharing new content within the organic marketing framework. And, while you build effective social campaigns and tie it with new content, optimized for search, the campaign will bring you from zero visibility to a strong position almost overnight.

High Return on Your Strong investment:

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways in digital marketing, delivering a high return on each penny invested into it. It’s safe investment, but some businesses make mistake and consider it as a commodity. Actually, they invest $1 and want to get $10. But the fact is that, when confront with the easy way out, the worse option you get.
In SEO, there is a need of investing time and energy. With proper SEO activity, you can stay on the front page of search results for years, without spending penny in the future.


Hope, these ways will show you the steps that you need to be taking on right way. If all things done properly, I’m sure you will drive more traffic to your site and convert leads into sales. There’s a natural connection between SEO, and social media. Recognizing this connection can be a key to be succeed in digital this marketplace.

How To Fix Common Issues after A PHP Upgrade

How To Fix Common Issues after A PHP Upgrade

Do you find such errors while using PHP and do you wish solve these errors? Then here is the solution:Upgrading your PHP version is necessary to get more features and functionality. However, it can also pose some problems on stability, security, and features. Your website may encounter some problems after upgrading to a higher version. In this document, we will provide you with some guidelines on fixing common issues after an upgrade.
PHP Upgrade - Common Issues
PHP Upgrade – Common Issues

Fixing upgrade related problems involve the following processes:

  • Reverting to the old version
  • Copying an updated php.ini version
  • Correcting “500 Internal server Error
  • Using Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard
  • Using cron with PHP version 5.2.17

In this blog, we will cover the first three topics. The next two processes will be covered on the next blog.

So let us begin this tutorial with reverting to an old version.

Reverting To An Old Version

If you encounter any problem after having your version upgraded, you can always go back to the previous version. You can do this using the PHP version tool in cPanel.

After upgrading your website to a higher PHP version, you may encounter some depreciation errors. This is because some functions or features used by your site have been removed. You have the option to either edit your website’s code to make it compliant to the new version or go back to the previous version.

Copying An Updated Php.ini Version

If you are using a custom php.ini file, ensure that you are using the correct file for your version:

  1. For PHP 5.3, copy the /usr/local/lib/php.ini. This is the default php.ini file.
  2. For version 5.2.17, copy the php.ini file located at /opt/php/php-5.2.17/lib/php.ini.
  3. Other versions can be found in the /opt/php directory

To copy the updated php.ini file to your public_html directory, log in to your SSH account and then use the cp command. To apply it to all subdirectories, add the following to your .htaccess file.

Replace USERNAME with your own account username:
SuPHP_ConfigPath /home/USERNAME/public_html/

If you are using custom configurations, you must reconfigure them after copying the updated php,ini file.

Correcting “500 Internal Server Error” After Upgrade

If you get a “500 Internal Server Error” after upgrading to a higher PHP version, check the .htaccess file in your public_html directory. At the end of the file, you could see text similar to the following:

# Start A2 Switcher Block
# Do not remove or modify this block! Added by PHP Switcher from cPanel to use an alternate PHP version. Contact Support for details.

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php-5.4.13 .php

# End A2 Switcher Block

Adding AddHandler value will help determine the PHP version for your site. Check if the correct version is indicated and the line formatting is correct. Depending on the previous configuration of your .htaccess file, you may find that the lines of text have been merged which could pose some problems.

Wrap Up

New PHP versions allow more functionality for your website. However, they are also prone to bugs that need to be fixed. You can hire dedicated PHP developers to fix the problem for you.

For more information on how to fix upgrade issues, Share your issue in below comment section.

Add Live Streaming into Website with These Top 6 Video Players

Adding live streaming is one of the ways. You can make your site dynamic and interactive. It can give your visitors more reasons to stay on your website. In this post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on adding live streaming to your website.

Adding live streaming involves the following processes

  • Choosing a video player
  • Finding a streaming service
  • Using a web broadcasting program

In this article, we will be acquainted with the first two processes. The next two steps will be tackled in the next document.

Top 6 Video Players
Top 6 Video Players

So let us proceed with choosing a video player.

Choosing a video player

There are several types of video players that you can use for your live streaming. It will all depend on the purpose of your live stream.

  • Embedded Player

    This is the universal way of adding videos or live streams to a website. Your viewers can play the video directly. An embedded player can be customized to your website. You can add your logo and secure the content of your website.

  • Flash Player

    This is a video player that can be integrated into a Flash website or movie.

  • Pop-In/Pop-Out Video Player

    A pop-in player, from the name itself, pops-up on your page and plays the video. It is activated by a link or an image. A pop-up player, on the other hand, opens on a new controlled size browser window when the link or image is clicked.

  • Direct Link Video Player

    This type of player opens on a full screen window when the hyperlink is clicked. This is recommended if you want to send videos through email or post the link on social media sites.

  • Transparent Video Player

    This type of video player is ideal for welcome videos and tutorials presented by a “live speaking person.” It can increase user engagement and conversion rate since it uses a live person speaking on the screen.

  • Simple HTML Video Player

    This type of player is compatible with content management systems that allows HTML codes only and blocks Java scripts.

Finding a streaming service

In order to stream live from your webcam, you need to find a streaming provider. The host will provide you with the bandwidth for sharing your stream to others. Most of these providers allow streaming without the need to install an encoder.

You need to create an account with your chosen provider to be able to stream videos. They offer free or paid options. The paid account is ads-free and can help increase the number of viewers you have.

Wrap Up

Adding live stream is an effective way of generating traffic to your website. It will keep visitors entertained while they search for products to buy or services to avail of. As a result, you can keep them coming back to your website and who knows eventually convert them into potential customers.

For any suggestion regarding this post you can share your suggestions via below comment section.

Top 5 Photo Editing App for iPad

How does the iPad look like?

The iPad is the latest offering from Apple which is just a tablet computer with 0.5 inches in thickness and weighs about 1.5 pounds. It has a high resolution LED backlit display that comes up with 10 hours battery power, built in speakers, a headphone jack and a built in microphone. It helps us to make normal computer activities easier. It becomes easy to view web pages through a large touch screen at 1024 x 768 sizes.

We can also select fonts that we wish to read in along with an option for landscape or portrait view of the web pages. The iPad is very similar to any of the Apple devices especially that of the iPhone. So if you are familiar with the iPhone, you will be pleased to know that the same technology has been reengineered in an iPad. You must be aware that an album with photographs in it is a piece of art.

Editing photos using top Apps

Editing hundreds of photos and arranging them one after the other in an album is time consuming. If you buy an iPad then make use of the applications just made for it. So to make your album even more interesting, it is better that you spice it up with different effects. The iPad today is considered to be the latest entry into the world of photography which helps you to combine your photos and videos into a single hand held album.

    • Photogene

      This is considered to be one of the best photo-editing tools for an iPad. It has many features like adjusting the colour saturation, sharpening the photos, adding effects to the photos like sepia or B/W, adding or editing text, adding borders, modifying the colours and saving the photos in different resolutions.

      If you have committed any mistake, not to worry about that since you can use the reset button to take you back to the unaltered original image. You can then share the photo wherever you wish to.

    • Photo Pal

      Photo Pal is one of the simplest forms of editing tools available in the app store. It is one of the best apps for users who have never done any editing before but would like to turn the heat on with some experimentation on the photos. Some of the features that this app offers is red-eye removal tool, unwanted spot eraser and the de-noise tool for avoiding any unwanted fuzziness.

      You can also share the photos instantly on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. So PhotoPal has all these features as an entire package for easy editing.

    • Pixel Magic

      This app is counted to be one of the top professional editing apps that are developed especially for iPad. It has features which are equivalent to a PC/Mac based photo editing software. There are nearly different categories of tools where each tool has nearly options to use. The tool manager here is simple for making the editing easier in such an advanced app.

    • Photo Pad

      Photo Pad was basically created for editing photos in the iPad itself. It comes with basic editing tools such as cropping, using paint brush, and a paint bucket, rotating it, using image scaling, filters, colour adjustments and many more. Each of which can be then adjusted to create better custom effects.

      However this app has some cons like you do not get the option for sharing the photos or email them directly. You will find the photos only in the photos folder of the iPad. Another drawback is that you will not be able to set the aspect ratio or the pixel specification of the photo for the crop tool.

    • Filerstorm

      This app was developed by a photographer only for editing. It has a clone tool, aspect ratio feature, crop tools, canvas adjustment tools and a collection of filters that makes a powerful editing tool. As and when you edit the applications, it creates a visual history of all your edits done.

      This also makes it easier to keep a check of the process and undo it if any mistakes have been made. The only drawback is that it was not created exclusively for the iPad and lacks the feeling of using an app from the Apple store.

You have clicked photos, edited them, designed them and now made am memorable masterpiece out of the photos taken. Now the last step would be to share them in the new age iPad album with all your friends and families.

As we already know that the iPad can connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. You can connect to your email account, compose a new mail and attach the photos to the mail. You can then email these photos to all from your iPad. If not this, then you can share the uploaded albums to your near and dear ones. If you have a group of friends then it’s easy to share the album since they all have their own Apple devices.

You can also use the Bluetooth for sharing the entire album with just a tap of the finger. Thus, these Apps have helped us a lot in getting the perfect photos as fond memories to be remembered always.

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Conversion by 10%

Page load time is a major contributing factor in generating traffic, search ranking and conversion rate. It is significant to mind that users have choices and will instantly divert if they feel intolerant. Therefore page load time should be low. This article provides tips for the same concern.

Speed Up Your Website Instantly
Speed Up Your Website Instantly

Developer optimizes your site with regard to everything that requires pulling you among the top search results and drawing the appropriate traffic to you. Page loading time is a chief factor in them.

Following are several ways to optimize your website in a way to reduce the page load time.

    1. You can efficiently begin by limiting yourself or your site. There aren’t only words on a web page but different components such as images, links, videos, style sheets, and much more. Whenever a website is requested, an HTTP request sent like a call, to all mentioned components. So, numerous the components, longer the page load time was taken.Try to systematize all the compulsory elements in a way that uses slighter data. Images also require a good extent of this data and require being optimized. Making use of CSS is a viable alternative but the page still loads the original size prior to converting it into the CSS type.
    2. There is patience needed when you open a webpage for the foremost time but if you do not wish to experience that lag again, ensure to use your cache memory prudently. When a webpage reloads, you don’t have to experience the full call process that takes place in the background. The browser cache which calls that Web Pages from the stored browsed history, for relatively lesser time.
    3. Moreover, you can accomplish this optimization through compression. Compression lessens the response time you receive from HTTP since it bounds the bandwidth of your webpage. Utilize links like they do not weigh on the website or its load time. The compression is much effortless because it is an element of server settings and can be simply dealt with.Images, rather than choosing CSS, can pick to be compressed to match the page size. Zip files are a best example of that compressed data. Such files have low data usage as well as can store a lot of large files like PDFs, gif, docx and .exe files.
    4. One more way to save time on page loading is through arranging your code in the finest possible way. Ensure to exclude any files, class, call actions or links that will decelerate the loading speed, and can be survived without. Organize the CSS optimally to eliminate wastage coding. Try adding the JavaScript code at the end, rather than the beginning.Certain portions of the page containing background work can be put in the end in order that they can continue loading while the site is already visible to the visitor. The user has nothing to do with the background work, so completely utilize it.
    5. There are a lot of ways to gauge loading speed of your page. Developer runs tests for you as a kind of service among numerous such services. Having knowledge of your page loading time is a best advantage. When making use of plug-ins, the tasks look to get easier at the price of loading time as well as losing traffic.

To cut that time, attempt using only a little amount of plug-ins. Try employing follow-up links if feasible or utilize plugs that perform multiple tasks. The plug-in give big load on your page and raises the site loading time and therefore must be put on a minimum use.

Set mentioned parameters for your webpage and develop a perfect place for visitors to be swiftly accessible to. It is not only your ranking or traffic which will be a boon, but also a satisfied and happy conversion rate and user feedback.

Boost Your Stock As A PHP Developer With Zend Certification

In order to become one of the most in demand PHP developers, you need to improve your skills and boost your reputation in the industry. Professionalism is one of the major criteria customers look for when they hire dedicated PHP developers. And one of the way you can do so is through certification, As a PHP developer, one of the ways you can be certified is through Zend.

What is Zend Certification?

The Zend Certified PHP Engineer is offered by the Zend company. It covers a wide range of development applications in PHP 5.5. Among the topics covered in the program include PHP Basics, Object Oriented Programming, and Security or Arrays. You can a preparatory course for the exam but it is not mandatory. You can take the exams from one of several Pearson VUE Testing Centers from across the globe.

Why Become Zend Certified?

There are several benefits of becoming a Zend certified PHP developer. Here are some of them:

  • It can confirm your skills

    For advanced PHP programmers, being Zend certified is one of the ways you can boost your professional experience. Once you pass the Zend certification exam, your name will be included in the list of other passers. Aside from that, being Zend certified can help you distinguish yourself from beginners.

  • It helps expand your knowledge

    The Zend certification program requires some preparation and studying on your part. As it covers all the basic functions of PHP, reviewing for the exam may also be a good way of learning different aspects of PHP and reviewing your knowledge.

    When you are applying for Zend certification, you will cover a lot of ground from the basic knowledge such as syntax, operators, or language constructs to the other features of PHP such as working with files, manipulating arrays and strings, and others. As a result, you may also gain a wider view of PHP itself.

What are the disadvantages of Zend certification?

  • The manner of construction

    The exam consists of around 70 questions. The Zend website provides some questions to give you a perspective of how they are really built. Some of the questions will only ask you What will the following code produce? Likewise, there are some sample codes that you need to examine.

    The sample questions can be a good gauge in checking your PHP skills since you will be exposed to real codes and be made to analyze the various commands being executed.

    However, some of the other parts of the test that do not make real sense at all. For instance, there is no point in memorizing hundreds of string array or functions when you can find properly written ones from the PHP documentation. These functions have proven inconsistent in their naming and parameter order or return values.

  • It does not prove your competence as a developer

    Yes, being Zend certified does improve your skills and experience. But that’s just about it. Your Zend certificate is not a sufficient proof of your competency and efficiency as a PHP developer. The truth of the matter is that even if you do not take the exam, you can still use your knowledge in real cases. On the aspect of being able to create programs or following best practices, your certificate may prove meaningless.


People hire dedicated PHP developers not because they are Zend certified but because they are able to accomplish projects. But I am not discouraging you from taking the Zend certification program, what I am saying is that you can still prove your competence without it.

What is a Brand Strategy and How It Assuages to Expand Business

Brand strategy is an essential tool for your business. A proper defined and enacted brand strategy affects directly with your consumers’ needs, emotions and competitive market. Before going ahead, we will know about the brand.

So, what is mean by brand? It is extensively believed that a brand is a promise. When you want to entrust your consumer for your product, you need for a brand. There are many examples of the top brands around us like Google, Telstra, Woolworths, Qantas, coca-cola and Westpac blah, blah…. After thinking about these brands you will get an idea what they promise.

In another sense, a brand is a particular amalgamation of logo, words, types, font, design, services, colors, price-structure etc.

Brand strategy gives a noteworthy identification in the market. With that your products or services will be noted by the people.

How Brand Strategy Helps to Boost Up Your Business?

If you want to remain stable in this competitive market, you should follow some brand strategies. Actually true branding is doing something different from others not to saying different things. It is surveyed said that 75% people attracted towards products by executing brand strategy.

Branding strategy exactly defined as long-term blooming of your business to acquire particular goal. It describes how, when, what, and to whom brand communications should be done. Brand strategy makes the efforts for your company and promotes your brand among relevant consumers by which your product gets its own identity and also helps to increase prospective consumers.

An execute brand strategy takes the stress for its firm and increases standard of your firm. The best example for this is an Apple in the technology field. There is nothing to say about this brand, it is the no.1 brand in its market place, having $87.1billion brand value. So this type of brand gets advantages from its extra-ordinary brand strategy.

Basics of Branding

Basics of Branding
Basics of Branding 2016

Branding is an essential feature for each firm to grow up business. Branding is useful in all kinds of business. It is a large business or small. Whether retail or B2B market. If you have high-cost or low-quality cost, branding helps you to convey your availability.

Three Chief Elements of Branding Strategy are,

    1. Perception- First one is about your ambition means where you want to be in the future. Your foresight about your future in next coming years.
    2. Moral standards- Ours ethics are soul and we should not make any compromises with them. It is an unalienable.
    3. Presentation of your brand- what is your brand and how it comes on the market. Which are the reasons behind this? You should narrate all these things to be connected with consumers and by this your communication gap will be declined.How to explain your brand to approach potential consumers
      To explicate your brand is a complicated task. Just making a logo or tagline does not make your brand strategy productive. It is time-consuming and tortuous. You have to make a structure to create a proper strategy for this purpose you regulate some queries. The questions alike,

      • Why you are undertaking this company?
      • What are the characteristics of your firm and why people should acquire your product or service?
      • How consumer supposed to your company and what they think about your company?

After solving above questions you think about approaching your consumer. How to put your product or service before pertinent consumers?

  • Obtain a high-quality of logo and dump it in the market to acknowledged by consumers about your product
  • Mention your brand message- What are the basic ideas that you want to put before your current and future consumers
  • Your brand is an executive tool- Your brand is an active tool to promote your product as this aspect you have to be updated with your consumers.
  • Establish a tag line- Tagline conveys your product’s feature to the consumer. So tagline should be distinctive from others and agreeable and appealing to products
  • Be consistent with your product or service- It is important to maintain the standard of your product or service every time so that consumer easily believes to your brand
  • Be faithful to your brand- Consumer satisfaction is the most important element. If you do not provide according to their expectations they will not reappear to your product.
    • Causes to implement brand strategy
      In the current global market, there is a trend to create a brand strategy and your product or service will not remain for long-time without adequate brand strategy. Brand strategy goes beyond just logo, tagline, website or social experiences.
    • Fundamental elements why branding is necessary
      • It renders you an effective place in this aggressive market
      • Brand provides you durability
      • It increases your economic standard
      • It helps to achieve consumer satisfaction


Develop proper brand strategy and take its benefits related to your product or services.

5 Alterations to Make Your Web Design Interactive

There are a lot of things you should consider to make your website interactive and pleasant. In this article we are several points are suggested by popular business directory site Australia to make your site interactive.On visiting website, the design appears to be common in all of them. This is because of the evolution of the grid; this can be viewed as standard for designing websites. In this world of competition, it is advisable that you must stay unique as much as possible. This will bring you more traffic. Here are 5 tips which can be implemented to make your website unique:

  1. Keep The Important

    There are few things which might be unnecessary on your webpage. Sometimes these things might go unnoticeable. Remove all the unnecessary stuff which is occupying your valuable space. They say that 20% stuff on the website generates revenue of nearly 80%. If you are in retail, then make sure that the process for buying any stuff must not be complex. Otherwise, the customers won’t turn to your website. Include more and more user oriented stuff on your pages, so that they can engage your users. Avoid anything unnecessary.

  2. Subtract These Unnecessary Elements

    The unnecessary stuff on your website must be removed. After identifying the problem areas, create some strategies to remove these. Always remember the 80-20 rule.

  3. Where to Put The Content?

    Now-a-days single page websites are quite popular so it becomes even difficult to identify the areas to put up the information. Most of the people prefer to read the information that is written above the 1st fold. They do not prefer to scroll down. So it is advisable to keep all the priority stuff above the 1st fold so it will be easier for user to read. Other thing you can do is, keep the size of the logo to be small & manage the margins of the page.

  4. Colour Scheme of The Website?

    Colour scheme must be attractive must not look like something created by a 2 year old. It must be professional & must attract people. There are gazillion options available but be wise while choosing these. 2-4 colours look attractive & clean. Over packing is no when comes about colour selection.

  5. The: Number of Pages

    How to decide the number of pages which are required in a website? There is absolutely no parameter to decide this because no 2 businesses are same and hence no to websites will be similar. Optimize the number of pages neither too much nor too less. Analyse the number of pages which you actually require. This will be really helpful.

Top 40+ Business Listing Australia | Local Listing Sites Australia

In this blog we have listed the top 40+ business listing sites with globally and local alexa rank. A low alexa rank sites can increase the website traffic and ranking within short time. Now a days Google focusing on quality backlinks which are point to your domain. So that if you want to rank your website on #1 page in Australia then you have to submit your business to below business listing sites.

Top 40+ Business Listing Sites Australia

No Business Listing URL Global Alexa Rank Australia Country Rank
1 11438 171
2 23176 360
3 200000 2500
4 30286 569
5 23851 327
6 2170 529
7 23960 390
8 1429 12
9 1445806 186491
10 267302 51077
11 96460 2447
12 108271 920
13 465209 16004
14 234990 5154
15 590340 73913
16 2061326 254348
17 456315 107571
18 88861 2434
19 163338 3492
20 556250
21 477832 65524
22 136233 54291
23 228049 6445
24 1307577
25 2978080
26 987201 123512
27 5387375
28 270496
29 660882
30 599617 131776
31 461650 99652
32 427702 32576
33 1434167 132600
34 3753347
35 3814166
36 1421263
37 0
38 738259 29142
39 817551 31032
40 155771 3560
41 421019 65851
If you have any new directory site or suggestion regarding this directory sites list blog feel free to share with us below comment section.Business Listing Sites Australia | Australian Business Listing Sites | Top Business Listing | Topb Business Directory Australia | Australia Business Listing Sites | Local Business Australia | Local Listing Sites Australia | Local Business Directory Australia | Business Listing Melbourne | Melbourne Business Listing Sites | Business Directory Australia

PHP Coding Guidelines & Best Practices: Be a Better PHP Developer

When it comes to coding standards, every PHP development company have their own standards based on their best practices. Coding rules are necessary because if developers will use different modules and start inventing their own standards, it will become difficult to maintain the source code in the future.

Here are the reasons for using coding specifications:

  • Your co-programmers must have an understanding of the code you are producing. The coding standard serves as a blueprint for all the teams to understand the code.
  • Simplicity and clarity gained from constant coding saves you from the most common mistakes
  • Future revisions of the code will make it easier to understand
  • It is industry standard to comply to a particular standard to being more quality in software

Here are some guidelines to follow when coding in PHP:


  1. For indentions, limit it to 4 spaces without tabs because different computers have different tab settings. For the line length, it is best to keep the lines at approximately 75 – 85 characters long for better code readability.
  2. Control structures such as it, for, while, switch, and others should have one space between the keyword and the opening parenthesis to separate them from function calls. Always use the curly braces even when situations call for making them technically optional.
  3. When making function calls, there should be no space between the function name, the opening parenthesis, and the first parameter. There should be spaces between commas and each parameter and no space between the last parameter, closing parenthesis and semi-colon.
  4. For comments, C style and the standard C++ comments are both acceptable. However, using Perl/shell style comments are discouraged.
  5. For PHP code tags, always use <?php> as delimiter not the <? ?> shorthand. This is a requirement for PHP compliance and is the easiest way to add PHP codes on a wide range of operating systems and setups.
  6. Here are the rules for naming variables:

    • Use all lower case letters
    • Use ‘_’ to separate words
    • Global variables should be prepended with a ‘g’
    • Global constants should be in all caps with ‘_’ separators
    • Static variables may be prepended with an ‘s’.
    • Functions should not prevent static variables from being reentrant
    • Sets of declarations should be aligned
    • Statements per line should be limited to just one unless the statements are interrelated
    • Methods should be limited to just one page of code


These are just some of the coding rules that a PHP development company should remember. When creating your program, you should show consistency throughout the programming code. This will only be possible if you will adopt coding standards. You can come up with your own standards if you want something unique. Having a uniform coding standard ensures consistency in writing programs.

Developers will write their codes based on the rules and will not make their own style. As a result, the code will not only be easier to understand but also the developer will have an understanding of what to expect throughout the program.