Top 6 Video Players

Add Live Streaming into Website with These Top 6 Video Players

Adding live streaming is one of the ways. You can make your site dynamic and interactive. It can give your visitors more reasons to stay on your website. In this post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on adding live streaming to your website.

Adding live streaming involves the following processes

  • Choosing a video player
  • Finding a streaming service
  • Using a web broadcasting program

In this article, we will be acquainted with the first two processes. The next two steps will be tackled in the next document.

Top 6 Video Players
Top 6 Video Players

So let us proceed with choosing a video player.

Choosing a video player

There are several types of video players that you can use for your live streaming. It will all depend on the purpose of your live stream.

  • Embedded Player

    This is the universal way of adding videos or live streams to a website. Your viewers can play the video directly. An embedded player can be customized to your website. You can add your logo and secure the content of your website.

  • Flash Player

    This is a video player that can be integrated into a Flash website or movie.

  • Pop-In/Pop-Out Video Player

    A pop-in player, from the name itself, pops-up on your page and plays the video. It is activated by a link or an image. A pop-up player, on the other hand, opens on a new controlled size browser window when the link or image is clicked.

  • Direct Link Video Player

    This type of player opens on a full screen window when the hyperlink is clicked. This is recommended if you want to send videos through email or post the link on social media sites.

  • Transparent Video Player

    This type of video player is ideal for welcome videos and tutorials presented by a “live speaking person.” It can increase user engagement and conversion rate since it uses a live person speaking on the screen.

  • Simple HTML Video Player

    This type of player is compatible with content management systems that allows HTML codes only and blocks Java scripts.

Finding a streaming service

In order to stream live from your webcam, you need to find a streaming provider. The host will provide you with the bandwidth for sharing your stream to others. Most of these providers allow streaming without the need to install an encoder.

You need to create an account with your chosen provider to be able to stream videos. They offer free or paid options. The paid account is ads-free and can help increase the number of viewers you have.

Wrap Up

Adding live stream is an effective way of generating traffic to your website. It will keep visitors entertained while they search for products to buy or services to avail of. As a result, you can keep them coming back to your website and who knows eventually convert them into potential customers.

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