Top 5 Photo Editing App for iPad

How does the iPad look like?

The iPad is the latest offering from Apple which is just a tablet computer with 0.5 inches in thickness and weighs about 1.5 pounds. It has a high resolution LED backlit display that comes up with 10 hours battery power, built in speakers, a headphone jack and a built in microphone. It helps us to make normal computer activities easier. It becomes easy to view web pages through a large touch screen at 1024 x 768 sizes.

We can also select fonts that we wish to read in along with an option for landscape or portrait view of the web pages. The iPad is very similar to any of the Apple devices especially that of the iPhone. So if you are familiar with the iPhone, you will be pleased to know that the same technology has been reengineered in an iPad. You must be aware that an album with photographs in it is a piece of art.

Editing photos using top Apps

Editing hundreds of photos and arranging them one after the other in an album is time consuming. If you buy an iPad then make use of the applications just made for it. So to make your album even more interesting, it is better that you spice it up with different effects. The iPad today is considered to be the latest entry into the world of photography which helps you to combine your photos and videos into a single hand held album.

    • Photogene

      This is considered to be one of the best photo-editing tools for an iPad. It has many features like adjusting the colour saturation, sharpening the photos, adding effects to the photos like sepia or B/W, adding or editing text, adding borders, modifying the colours and saving the photos in different resolutions.

      If you have committed any mistake, not to worry about that since you can use the reset button to take you back to the unaltered original image. You can then share the photo wherever you wish to.

    • Photo Pal

      Photo Pal is one of the simplest forms of editing tools available in the app store. It is one of the best apps for users who have never done any editing before but would like to turn the heat on with some experimentation on the photos. Some of the features that this app offers is red-eye removal tool, unwanted spot eraser and the de-noise tool for avoiding any unwanted fuzziness.

      You can also share the photos instantly on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. So PhotoPal has all these features as an entire package for easy editing.

    • Pixel Magic

      This app is counted to be one of the top professional editing apps that are developed especially for iPad. It has features which are equivalent to a PC/Mac based photo editing software. There are nearly different categories of tools where each tool has nearly options to use. The tool manager here is simple for making the editing easier in such an advanced app.

    • Photo Pad

      Photo Pad was basically created for editing photos in the iPad itself. It comes with basic editing tools such as cropping, using paint brush, and a paint bucket, rotating it, using image scaling, filters, colour adjustments and many more. Each of which can be then adjusted to create better custom effects.

      However this app has some cons like you do not get the option for sharing the photos or email them directly. You will find the photos only in the photos folder of the iPad. Another drawback is that you will not be able to set the aspect ratio or the pixel specification of the photo for the crop tool.

    • Filerstorm

      This app was developed by a photographer only for editing. It has a clone tool, aspect ratio feature, crop tools, canvas adjustment tools and a collection of filters that makes a powerful editing tool. As and when you edit the applications, it creates a visual history of all your edits done.

      This also makes it easier to keep a check of the process and undo it if any mistakes have been made. The only drawback is that it was not created exclusively for the iPad and lacks the feeling of using an app from the Apple store.

You have clicked photos, edited them, designed them and now made am memorable masterpiece out of the photos taken. Now the last step would be to share them in the new age iPad album with all your friends and families.

As we already know that the iPad can connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. You can connect to your email account, compose a new mail and attach the photos to the mail. You can then email these photos to all from your iPad. If not this, then you can share the uploaded albums to your near and dear ones. If you have a group of friends then it’s easy to share the album since they all have their own Apple devices.

You can also use the Bluetooth for sharing the entire album with just a tap of the finger. Thus, these Apps have helped us a lot in getting the perfect photos as fond memories to be remembered always.