Maximize Business Marketing with SEO and Social Media strategy 2017

Empower SEO and Social Media Together to Maximize Marketing

The latest marketing trends, like SEO and Social Media, make confused to non-specialists. But, we are here to help you try to make sense of it all, and show they are different, and how they play very similar roles achieving one common goal… of greater organic reach and engagement.

Let’s take a look on overview that helps put it all into perspective…

Start with a couple definitions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is all about optimizing your website for search engine and getting a good position in the organic search results when people search for specific words that related to your website.

The goal of SEO is to acquire more high-quality links.

Social Media:

It relates to the platforms that enable users to interact with and share information. With it, you can enhance brand awareness, generate more leads, drive sales and many more.

Its main goal is to engage the community and attract new audiences.

The fact is that; when it comes to the expansion of organic online marketing world, SEO and social media fall under the same umbrella. As they work in sync, the process can be quite easy to drive more customers and increase website traffic using valuable content. To build an effective organic marketing strategy that works towards your business goals, it’s important to know how social and search all fit into the same strategy.

Here are 5 ways to get benefit from a powerful collaboration of SEO and social media:

Need Right Balance between SEO and Social Media:

Like birds and flying, skin and bone, SEO and social media are made for each other. Both doesn’t have the same effect, but it should! To get better SEO results, social media activity is very important and vice versa. Their partnership can reap the rewards!

Your website is the place where your business live online, a home of information of your business products and services. Just as you need an experienced architect to design your home structure, your website need SEO. And, when your home structure is ready, you hire construction crew to work on it. Likewise, you need to use social medium to reach specific segments of the market place. You know that one without other make your home look poor.

Whether you desire to build great brand online, deliver awesome user experience, it’s important to incorporate both into your marketing mix.

SEO make your business Ubiquitous

It’s strength of SEO. We know that #1 rank specifies top class. When an runner wins the gold medal, he/she become champion, silver and bronze medal winner become runners-up. And the rest are also runs, but nobody think about them. SEO works to bring your brand at the top of the heap, accelerate your campaign and make you memorable in this tough market. One thing to keep in mind, healthy SEO costs more but has a long term impact.

Social is Matters for Your Business:

Search and Social are two sides of a coin. So as a brand, you can help people in knowing who you are and what you are offering with paid advertising or organic content. You might get much better customer via organic content that stick over the long term. But, your combined lift will be worthwhile than relying on a single stream of paid channels.

Hence, social network can be your fine-tuned engine for sharing new content within the organic marketing framework. And, while you build effective social campaigns and tie it with new content, optimized for search, the campaign will bring you from zero visibility to a strong position almost overnight.

High Return on Your Strong investment:

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways in digital marketing, delivering a high return on each penny invested into it. It’s safe investment, but some businesses make mistake and consider it as a commodity. Actually, they invest $1 and want to get $10. But the fact is that, when confront with the easy way out, the worse option you get.
In SEO, there is a need of investing time and energy. With proper SEO activity, you can stay on the front page of search results for years, without spending penny in the future.


Hope, these ways will show you the steps that you need to be taking on right way. If all things done properly, I’m sure you will drive more traffic to your site and convert leads into sales. There’s a natural connection between SEO, and social media. Recognizing this connection can be a key to be succeed in digital this marketplace.

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Conversion by 10%

Page load time is a major contributing factor in generating traffic, search ranking and conversion rate. It is significant to mind that users have choices and will instantly divert if they feel intolerant. Therefore page load time should be low. This article provides tips for the same concern.

Speed Up Your Website Instantly
Speed Up Your Website Instantly

Developer optimizes your site with regard to everything that requires pulling you among the top search results and drawing the appropriate traffic to you. Page loading time is a chief factor in them.

Following are several ways to optimize your website in a way to reduce the page load time.

    1. You can efficiently begin by limiting yourself or your site. There aren’t only words on a web page but different components such as images, links, videos, style sheets, and much more. Whenever a website is requested, an HTTP request sent like a call, to all mentioned components. So, numerous the components, longer the page load time was taken.Try to systematize all the compulsory elements in a way that uses slighter data. Images also require a good extent of this data and require being optimized. Making use of CSS is a viable alternative but the page still loads the original size prior to converting it into the CSS type.
    2. There is patience needed when you open a webpage for the foremost time but if you do not wish to experience that lag again, ensure to use your cache memory prudently. When a webpage reloads, you don’t have to experience the full call process that takes place in the background. The browser cache which calls that Web Pages from the stored browsed history, for relatively lesser time.
    3. Moreover, you can accomplish this optimization through compression. Compression lessens the response time you receive from HTTP since it bounds the bandwidth of your webpage. Utilize links like they do not weigh on the website or its load time. The compression is much effortless because it is an element of server settings and can be simply dealt with.Images, rather than choosing CSS, can pick to be compressed to match the page size. Zip files are a best example of that compressed data. Such files have low data usage as well as can store a lot of large files like PDFs, gif, docx and .exe files.
    4. One more way to save time on page loading is through arranging your code in the finest possible way. Ensure to exclude any files, class, call actions or links that will decelerate the loading speed, and can be survived without. Organize the CSS optimally to eliminate wastage coding. Try adding the JavaScript code at the end, rather than the beginning.Certain portions of the page containing background work can be put in the end in order that they can continue loading while the site is already visible to the visitor. The user has nothing to do with the background work, so completely utilize it.
    5. There are a lot of ways to gauge loading speed of your page. Developer runs tests for you as a kind of service among numerous such services. Having knowledge of your page loading time is a best advantage. When making use of plug-ins, the tasks look to get easier at the price of loading time as well as losing traffic.

To cut that time, attempt using only a little amount of plug-ins. Try employing follow-up links if feasible or utilize plugs that perform multiple tasks. The plug-in give big load on your page and raises the site loading time and therefore must be put on a minimum use.

Set mentioned parameters for your webpage and develop a perfect place for visitors to be swiftly accessible to. It is not only your ranking or traffic which will be a boon, but also a satisfied and happy conversion rate and user feedback.

What is a Brand Strategy and How It Assuages to Expand Business

Brand strategy is an essential tool for your business. A proper defined and enacted brand strategy affects directly with your consumers’ needs, emotions and competitive market. Before going ahead, we will know about the brand.

So, what is mean by brand? It is extensively believed that a brand is a promise. When you want to entrust your consumer for your product, you need for a brand. There are many examples of the top brands around us like Google, Telstra, Woolworths, Qantas, coca-cola and Westpac blah, blah…. After thinking about these brands you will get an idea what they promise.

In another sense, a brand is a particular amalgamation of logo, words, types, font, design, services, colors, price-structure etc.

Brand strategy gives a noteworthy identification in the market. With that your products or services will be noted by the people.

How Brand Strategy Helps to Boost Up Your Business?

If you want to remain stable in this competitive market, you should follow some brand strategies. Actually true branding is doing something different from others not to saying different things. It is surveyed said that 75% people attracted towards products by executing brand strategy.

Branding strategy exactly defined as long-term blooming of your business to acquire particular goal. It describes how, when, what, and to whom brand communications should be done. Brand strategy makes the efforts for your company and promotes your brand among relevant consumers by which your product gets its own identity and also helps to increase prospective consumers.

An execute brand strategy takes the stress for its firm and increases standard of your firm. The best example for this is an Apple in the technology field. There is nothing to say about this brand, it is the no.1 brand in its market place, having $87.1billion brand value. So this type of brand gets advantages from its extra-ordinary brand strategy.

Basics of Branding

Basics of Branding
Basics of Branding 2016

Branding is an essential feature for each firm to grow up business. Branding is useful in all kinds of business. It is a large business or small. Whether retail or B2B market. If you have high-cost or low-quality cost, branding helps you to convey your availability.

Three Chief Elements of Branding Strategy are,

    1. Perception- First one is about your ambition means where you want to be in the future. Your foresight about your future in next coming years.
    2. Moral standards- Ours ethics are soul and we should not make any compromises with them. It is an unalienable.
    3. Presentation of your brand- what is your brand and how it comes on the market. Which are the reasons behind this? You should narrate all these things to be connected with consumers and by this your communication gap will be declined.How to explain your brand to approach potential consumers
      To explicate your brand is a complicated task. Just making a logo or tagline does not make your brand strategy productive. It is time-consuming and tortuous. You have to make a structure to create a proper strategy for this purpose you regulate some queries. The questions alike,

      • Why you are undertaking this company?
      • What are the characteristics of your firm and why people should acquire your product or service?
      • How consumer supposed to your company and what they think about your company?

After solving above questions you think about approaching your consumer. How to put your product or service before pertinent consumers?

  • Obtain a high-quality of logo and dump it in the market to acknowledged by consumers about your product
  • Mention your brand message- What are the basic ideas that you want to put before your current and future consumers
  • Your brand is an executive tool- Your brand is an active tool to promote your product as this aspect you have to be updated with your consumers.
  • Establish a tag line- Tagline conveys your product’s feature to the consumer. So tagline should be distinctive from others and agreeable and appealing to products
  • Be consistent with your product or service- It is important to maintain the standard of your product or service every time so that consumer easily believes to your brand
  • Be faithful to your brand- Consumer satisfaction is the most important element. If you do not provide according to their expectations they will not reappear to your product.
    • Causes to implement brand strategy
      In the current global market, there is a trend to create a brand strategy and your product or service will not remain for long-time without adequate brand strategy. Brand strategy goes beyond just logo, tagline, website or social experiences.
    • Fundamental elements why branding is necessary
      • It renders you an effective place in this aggressive market
      • Brand provides you durability
      • It increases your economic standard
      • It helps to achieve consumer satisfaction


Develop proper brand strategy and take its benefits related to your product or services.

Top 40+ Business Listing Australia | Local Listing Sites Australia

In this blog we have listed the top 40+ business listing sites with globally and local alexa rank. A low alexa rank sites can increase the website traffic and ranking within short time. Now a days Google focusing on quality backlinks which are point to your domain. So that if you want to rank your website on #1 page in Australia then you have to submit your business to below business listing sites.

Top 40+ Business Listing Sites Australia

No Business Listing URL Global Alexa Rank Australia Country Rank
1 11438 171
2 23176 360
3 200000 2500
4 30286 569
5 23851 327
6 2170 529
7 23960 390
8 1429 12
9 1445806 186491
10 267302 51077
11 96460 2447
12 108271 920
13 465209 16004
14 234990 5154
15 590340 73913
16 2061326 254348
17 456315 107571
18 88861 2434
19 163338 3492
20 556250
21 477832 65524
22 136233 54291
23 228049 6445
24 1307577
25 2978080
26 987201 123512
27 5387375
28 270496
29 660882
30 599617 131776
31 461650 99652
32 427702 32576
33 1434167 132600
34 3753347
35 3814166
36 1421263
37 0
38 738259 29142
39 817551 31032
40 155771 3560
41 421019 65851
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